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SNES YPbPr Component Cable


Connect your SNES console to the YPbPr Component video inputs on your TV or other equipment! Our specific list of known supported consoles can be found here. Though it may work with others we haven't tested, we cannot guarantee it.

NOTE: This cable will not work with a stock SNES-mini (SNS-101), N64, or Gamecube! We have verified that an RGB-modded N64 console (serial number beginning with NS1) is compatible with our cable specifically when the mod is done by RetroFixes.

Need more than 6 ft of cable? We offer an extension kit for purchase.

Your television or display must be able to support "240p" video over YPbPr to use this product. Please test your specific equipment using our simple test procedure. This test should be run for each console with which you wish to use with our cables.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS FOR PROBLEMS DUE TO INCOMPATIBILITY. Please read and agree to our Return Policy prior to purchasing.


Cable Specifications

Length: 6ft (1.8m) nominal

Impedance: 75Ω nominal

Shielding: Aluminum Mylar w/ Braid

Video Interface Capability: CEA-770.2-D (one 75Ω load per channel)

RoHS Compliant

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